Automate internal team processes within a couple of clicks.

For future or current drivers of the change in the IT community (and wider) who need to take care of their team member’s personal growth and extraordinary working experience, automate internal team processes within a couple of clicks and ensure the best developer experience with our solution.


Automate and speed up your processes

Automate on/off-boarding

Speed up access to your developer tool stack

Track role changes and reduce security risks

Automate and centralize permission management

Manage your dev tool stack portfolio

Eliminate manual permission management for each dev tool

Improve observability and manage all project resources in one place

Easy and safely switch team member roles

Adjust your kustodian_ with the best-fit adapters

Take care of your working culture

Enable newcomers to start contributing at day one

Encourage a personal development plan

Easy insight into other employees' skills

Take care of personal and team growth

Ready to improve developer experience in your team?


Automation of permission management

kustodian_ lets you centrally define roles on your projects and maps them to specific permissions in every dev tool you use. Once you set them up, on/off-boarding is just a click away! Automate and speed up various background supporting processes related to daily work. On-boarding long waiting time is finally over!

Eliminate all non-value-added activities such as granting permissions to different dev tools and creating different types of resources, but be able to easily access all changes that are done.

Unlike current workarounds in which developers wait for a couple of days (or even months) to get all permissions they need, with kustodian_, that time will be reduced to seconds.

Some of the dev tools currently manageable by kustodian_ include GitLab, Confluence, Jira, Kibana, SonarQube, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. The list of dev tools is continuously updated.

First developer experience lifted on a new level

Invisible automation and virtual support for newcomers and the team are at the core of kustodian_ vision. Improve developer experience by including everyone needed in the onboarding process, and let us help you become an employee-first company! 

We discovered that newcomers have many “small” concerns and insecurities, which, when sumed up –are not small at all! New environment, challenges and tasks, new organizational culture, and of course, a lot of new colleagues.

 kustodian_ provides just the right amount of valuable information to keep track of personal development and team routines but also enables smooth and invisible onboarding to all the projects.

Enhance personal and development team growth

kustodian_ enables the personal growth of each team member and the whole development team by gathering all the information in one place. Cherish teams’ focus and balance by providing so-needed glue between the social and operational perspectives. 

Team culture and professional growth opportunities are must-haves. Being aware of the existing strengths and weaknesses is the first step to fulfilling personal potential. To continuously provide the best developer experience in your team and company, automation alone is not enough. 

kustodian_ can be your starting point in team evaluation, checkpoints, and feedback loops to grow both professionally and personally. 

Reduce risk in new challenges

With kustodian_, you can reduce insecurities and prepare for any upcoming challenges on time. Team skillset is no longer in question because all the information you need is in the palm of your hand. You can finally team up properly before the beginning of the project. 

Due to fast dynamics of changing projects in the team, learning and mastering required technologies is usually very challenging. With Team Analytics, everyone can prepare in time.

On the one hand, Team leads can prepare team members in time to improve their skillset and prepare for the new challenges to come. On the other hand, Project managers can choose more wisely which team is capable of carrying out the project regarding the required technologies.

Prepared team = happy team.


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Check out some of the daily challenges where kustodian_ jumps in!




May 22-24, 2022

Take a look how does kustodian_ incorporate dynamic re-teaming and team’s drive for technical and operational excellence in a smooth way.

GOTO Amsterdam

June 12-16, 2022

In this talk, we tackled different problems that reduce DX and how our quest for ideal DX resulted in a mystical tool that does all the work for you.


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kustodian_ team is an integrated part of CROZ, a company that has been looking after the large internal development community for more than 20 years. We know how challenging it is to build modern complex enterprise products and how important it is to cherish the ease of work. Our mission with kustodian_ is to eliminate all distractions and non-value-added activities in the product development process, in order to provide the best developer experience. 

Get kustodian_ and become employee-first company

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